Employment Opportunities

Worship Leader

Status: Part Time/Salary

Benefits: Matching Retirement

Reports to: Administrative Pastor

Supervision: Production Director, Worship Team and Production Team

  • The right applicant will have skill in at least one primary instrument to lead a gathering in worship. Must have team leadership ability with a clear understanding of how to develop a worship set and instruct team members in the development and execution of the set.  
  • A knowledge of sound, media, and lighting is a plus. 
  • Experience is preferred.

General Statement of Duties: The Worship Leader will bring leadership of the worship, and provide guidance to the worship team, in both musical skills and more importantly their walk with the Lord.  

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide primary leadership of Sunday morning, and special event worship segments, and the worship team. 
  • Bring accountability for all worship team guidelines and expectations. 
  • Ensure stability and consistency to worship teams. 
  • Develop a quarterly worship team schedule. 
  • Schedule specials, review of guidelines for specials and communication to appropriate individuals. 
  • Collaborate with Media Director, and Production Director

Annual Review:

There will be an annual performance review by the Administrative Pastor with final confirmation by the Senior Pastor. This job description will be reviewed annually by the Administrative Pastor in consultation with the Senior Pastor.

Please send your resume, 1-3 video clips of you leading worship, and any profile names to all social media accounts
  to pastormatt@pottershousefwc.org

Production and Media Director

Job Type: Part Time

Reports to: Worship Arts Pastor / Administrative Pastor

Supervises: Production & Media Teams

Please send resume to pastormatt@pottershousefwc.org


  • Audio engineering background or willingness to learn
  • Possess a technically inclined and detail oriented mindset
  • Can successfully oversee an audio, visual, lighting and media team
  • Previous experience in Web design, Graphics, and visual arts
  • Previous experience with video, lighting, and camera systems is preferred
  • Possess a working knowledge of stage management


  • Recruit and develop volunteer teams for audio, visual, lighting, and media
  • Develop the skills needed for production in our facility / Equip other team members to accomplish those skills
  • Lead production team in implementing the vision of supervisory Pastors/Leaders
  • Lead production for special events, conferences, funerals and weddings as needed
  • Maintain and monitor the condition of all production equipment and arrange repairs as needed: Keep up to date with developments in the audio, video, and lighting (A/V/L) industries; Suggest improvements to the A/V/L systems in our facility
  • Serve as a liaison between Worship Arts and other ministries needing A/V/L assistance
  • Be a contributing member for planning and evaluation meetings
  • Assist with planning, shooting, editing and producing video content for the church.
  • Update and maintain church website, social media presence, and publication design
  • Development and management of the Technical Production Budget and resources.


  • Engages in regular supervision with one’s supervisor.
  • Fully support and live out The Potter’s House Family Worship Center’s Vision and Value statements.
  • Deal helpfully and constructively with all other staff members, lay leaders and volunteers within the Church body.
  • Represent The Potter’s House Family Worship Center in a Christ-like manner in our community.