Daily Connection Opportunities

The following will be live on The Potter's House Facebook page at the times listed:

Sunday @ 10 am - Sunday Morning Service with Pastor Ron and Pastor Niki

Monday @ 7 am - Monday Motivation with Pastor Niki

Tuesday @ 10 am - Pastor's Coffee with Pastor Ron

Wednesday @ 6:30 pm - Prayer Meeting with Pastor Ron or Pastor Niki

Thursday @ 11 am - Thursday Thanksgiving with a Potter's House Elder


Men's Ministry Virtual Fishing Tournament

  • For full list of Rules please contact the event organizer(s) Josh Higbie/Caleb Dack
  • 2 ways to play: (1) Download FishDonkey App and submit entries, (2) Send entries to designated emails with all required information
  • 1-3 man teams accepted, team specific number will be provided upon confirmation of payment. 
  • All photo entries must include full fish, tape measure, and designated Tournament Number. Omission of any will result in forfeiture of entry. 
  • Top 3 fish in each category will be added together for cumulative total.
  • Three Categories of fish include: Bass [any subspecies], Pan fish [Bluegill, Sunfish, etc.] and Salmon. Should questions arise please reach out to event organizer. 
  • Prizes are To Be determined, but bragging rights are guaranteed.


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Christmas Journey Build Day

Saturday, October 10th is a Christmas Journey Build Day from 8 am - 3 pm. We would love to have people here to help with set up, clean up and repair of the Walk Through Bethlehem. The Christmas Journey is December 9th - 12th and we want to make it even more spectacular this year! Join us for some fun work, fellowship and lunch will be provided!