Wednesday Night Discipleship Classes

Wednesday, June 6th  -  Wednesday, June 27th

6:30-7:45 PM 

Come Join us!

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  • Family's Got Feelings - Pastor Carla Ives

    Family's Got Feelings is a class for the WHOLE family!  Join Pastor Carla to learn together how to express feelings in a healthy way and improve communication!  Learning can be fun with this series that incorporates teaching with visual aids, object lessons, games and special family projects!  Invest in your family this summer.

    *Please note, children will need to attend with a parent or guardian.

  • Ministering Spiritual Gifts - Matt Averill

    Join with others as we learn and apply how to minister spiritual gifts. This practical application class will help each believer activate and grow in their ability to hear and respond to the Holy Spirit. Everyone is welcome to attend as we listen and mature in our relationship with the Spirit of God.

  • The Book of Colossians - Dennis Brecht

    Join Dennis as he opens the book of Colossians. The rich truths of this book will help you dig deeper into the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His sufficiency in meeting our needs in all areas of our life. The book of Colossians encourages us to serve with fervor and passion.