Camp Meeting 2021

Get ready to learn, grow, and activate the Spirit of God in you! 

Camp Meeting 2021 "Kingdom Advance" and Kids "Kingdom Keepers" will take place July 22-25. 

“Kingdom Advance” with Guest Speakers Dr. Bernardine Wormley Daniels and Steve Fry. 

"Kingdom Keepers" Kids Camp Meeting for kids ages walkers to 5th grade. 

This is an event you won't want to miss. 

Camp Meeting 2021

Join us for these life changing meetings:

"Kingdom Advance" Camp Meeting 2021

Thursday 7/22 7 PM: Steve Fry

Friday 7/23 10 AM: Dr. Bernardine Wormley Daniels

                     7 PM: Steve Fry

Saturday 7/24 10 AM: Dr. Bernardine Wormley Daniels

                           7 PM: Dr. Bernardine Wormley Daniels

Sunday 7/25 10 AM: Steve Fry

Kids "Kingdom Keepers" Camp Meeting 2021

Thursday 7/22  - Saturday 7/24: 7 PM

Sunday 7/25: 10 AM

Camp Meeting 2021 Invitation from our guest speakers