• Pastor Ronald Ives

    Pastor Ron is the founder and senior pastor of The Potter’s House Family Worship Center. Pastor Ron and his wife Carla, began the church in the summer of 1986. With a heart of love for others, Pastor Ron enjoys connecting and seeing people grow in the knowledge and understanding of God. His heart for people is a trademark of his life. Ron and Carla have three adult children and sixteen grandchildren.

    When not at the church Pastor Ron enjoys fishing, reading, sports and time with family and friends. When asked, he may want to tell you about the big fish that got away! 

  • Pastor Carla Ives

    Pastor Carla founded The Potter’s House Family Worship Center with her husband in the summer of 1986. Starting as the children’s pastor and transitioning to numerous roles, Pastor Carla now serves as The Potter’s House Family Pastor. Her heart to see the best for everyone is truly the hallmark of her life. Carla and Ron have three adult children and twenty grandchildren.

    Spending time with her children and grandchildren brings Pastor Carla great joy. Creating projects, baking cookies and hanging out with the “kids” tops the list of activities away from the church. You’ll hardly ever see Pastor Carla without a little one in her lap.

  • Pastor Nicole Homan

    Pastor Niki serves as the Worship and Art Director as well as the primary worship leader for The Potter’s House Family Worship Center. Niki is a published song writer, author, accomplished musician, leader and mother of 14 children. As her husband would say, “I live with a constant musical.”

    Pastor Niki and Pastor Matt live by the motto that “Family is messy, but worth it.” Nicole spends most of her time with her family, adventuring into the woods, reading good books, and making music together. She also loves to cook and “pretend” she is crafty.  

  • Pastor Jim Rathbun  

    Pastor Jim serves as the Lead Care Pastor at The Potter’s House Family Worship Center. Pastor Jim brings great support to the widows, shut ins, those in the hospital as well as various other needs in the body. Jim oversees the volunteer care pastors and provides marriage counseling. Pastor Jim has been married to Karen almost 50 years and has 4 adult sons, 10 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. 

    With a big smile, Pastor Jim loves to have family gatherings. When not at church you’ll find Pastor Jim at Jellystone Campground where he enjoys bike riding, hunting and fishing.

  • Pastor Jody Bass  

    & Pastor Danielle Bass

    Pastors Jody and Danielle serve as the youth pastors of The Potter’s House Family Worship Center. Their hearts are to create opportunities for the youth to experience quality discipleship and Christian friendships. Jody and Danielle provide Biblical teaching and Godly direction. They are the proud parents of 3 energetic children. The whole family enjoys serving in the church in various ministries.

    Jody and Danielle love to spend time with their family. You can find them having pizza and movie nights and taking every opportunity to be outdoors snowboarding, snowshoeing, Frisbee golf and any other adventure they can find. You’ll often hear them saying, “Go Tigers.”

  • Renee Papelian

    Renee serves as the Director of Operations at the Potter’s House Family Worship Center. Renee oversees the general operations of the church, liaison for the church ministries, and point person for major projects. When not at church, Renee continues to teach part time at Central Michigan University.

    Renee enjoys music, sports, connecting with a good book and spending time with her family and friends. Renee was at the first service when the church started in 1986 and continues to be thankful that God brought her here.

  • Danielle Bass

    Danielle is the Office Manager at The Potter’s House Family Worship Center. Danielle is the point person for all office business, financials, records and church communication. She also oversees all office volunteers. Danielle is truly a ray of sunshine as people come to the church office. Her smile is contagious! Danielle is the proud mother of three active children, two boys and a girl.

    Danielle loves being a mom and spending time with her family. She enjoys cooking, attending her children’s events, and connecting with friends.  

  • Rex Bradley

    Rex serves as the Building & Grounds Supervisor for The Potter’s House Family Worship Center. His genuine care and oversite of the upkeep of the church interior as well as exterior is a blessing to all who come on the church campus. Rex is the father of 5 adult children and 12 grandchildren. Rex enjoyed raising his grandson Orin who continues to live with him.  

    When Rex is not beautifying the church, you can find him enjoying his more than forty plants at home. Rex has also been involved in the productions at the Broadway Theatre.


  • Matt & Mary Averill

    Equipping Prophet & Elder

  • Fred & Denise Cantu

  • Pastor Jim and Karen Rathbun

  • Frank & Pat Stimson