City Wide Gathering

March 20th - 21st, 2020

Our word for 2020 is "Huddle." This City Wide Gathering is a City Wide "Huddle" of worshipers, prayer warriors, leaders, and believers of all ages. The "Huddle" is the place of preparation. The "Huddle" is a place of unity. We fully believe that at the end of this weekend, we will leave this "Huddle" changed!

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The Bible says in Psalm 133 that when brethren come together in unity, there God commands a blessing and releases His anointing. 

Every Year, churches throughout the community come together as one to pray for our city, worship together, and be equipped to go out and reach our city with the message of the Gospel!

We are all different We come from different denominations, backgrounds, and church families, but we agree on these things: We love God and we love this City!

We believe that TOGETHER we can make a difference.                                                                                         

Cost: $10/Ticket (No Lunch Provided)

Cost of Ticket with Leadership luncheon with Guest Speaker Brian Pruitt: $15

Main Speaker: Brian Pruitt

Brian Pruitt was a sure pick for the 1995 NFL draft before being setback by what seemed to be a tragedy. Nevertheless, while faced with this obstacle, Brian began to forge his unique message of hope and encouragement. By drawing from his own personal experiences, Brian enlightens both youth and adults alike on how to overcome obstacles. 

As an Author, Successful Entrepreneur, as well as Television Personality, Brian's message is reaching the world and igniting passion.